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Posted by Rejectdoodles - 1 month ago

(this are turning into bi-daily blogs,jeez)

My muffet (Lewd)picture wasnt as well recieved as i was hoping. (Having less that 3 Stars)

But don't know why.was the bad Quality photo?,the anatomy? the fact that it was a sketch?the realesed time?or the concept?why was i expecting people to like it? because it was porn?well newgrounds is basically a discount porn site Now.

Since nobody revied,i'm puzzled.

I was expecting to be my most popular work,And i Made it to be just that,my most popular Work(fanart,Lewd,undertale,butt,chubby,thicc)it was a recipe for sucess,but it didnt do so well.

Si i Guess you can't just created something popular,by just pandering,people are unpredictable.

(Also she tried,is Still my most popular Work,wtf)


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I had problems like these when I was first starting out on NG, but as I posted more and got a larger reputation (voting on a lot of pieces and giving my feedback) my posts got more stars, though 2b honest my artistic skill improved as I got a better feel for what I was doing.

Thank ya,for Sharing your opinion,i just realizade that i started posting less that a Month ago(time flies).

@Pyronator @Rejectdoodles NP

Yo aun que lo he intentado llevo años pero parece que mi proyecto no despega, si hubiera tenido otras oportunidades igual y si, aun asi her un ultimo intento a ver que tal me va.
asi que lo entiendo

Listen, I'm going to give you some advice. Do not draw to pander to people or to get popular.

It's not healthy and it's just going to disappoint you in the long run.

Nobody gets popular overnight. It took years to for the bigger artists to grow a following. Lots of trial and error. Lots of practice and improvement.

Draw what you love and what excites you and people will see that and enjoy what you make.

Yeah,you rigth.
To be honest i still has fun drawing muffethicc And i didnt want to end my life when it was finished.and drawing muffet is like a lowtear pandering (i could draw the new pokegirl,shantae or draw fetish art).
At the same thing i don't really have hook to keep people from passing on My art,maybe when i develop a artstyle