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MarioPaintGameplayYt responds:

Cute movie. Am I right?

se ve muy bueno!!!!!!
no es mi estilo de humor,pero se ve prometedor
(a y locomotion,¡estas habalndo de un colectivo o del canal?XD)

Butzbo responds:

Woo gracias!!
Yyy si, locomoción en forma de colectivo, jejej nunca tuve el canal aunque entiendo que tenía muy buena animación :o

me having a spunky oc with short hair and a lot of piercsing,i fell attacked
and as a animation,meh,it really justa slideshow and thye tone of your voice doesnt really make it better,something more silli could have worked

Onemanshowoff responds:

I agree it could've been better but a this was all sketchy cause that seems to be the animation way I know how to work with, and as for the tone of voice, yeah I'll admit I didn't try too much. This whole thing I didn't try too much, it's like a sketchy animation that I felt like doing at the time, a short simple thing. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself well enough but I will try to make my voice more diverse and not bleh, so thank you for that.

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.....woah,this was not expected you kinda change my mind About artist(ok not that exagerated but let me explain)
Before this you were in my eyes a "winning man",you posted arts,had a Lot of fans,Drew porn for a living And probably was a cool gamer dude witha hot cosplay girlfriend And a 34 inch drawing tablet(dont ask)And you we're living a cool life.
You were like a guy i wanted to be,but now i see you as Someone just like me(but with Nicer art)i never tougth you could be tired of drawing Smut or being a known artist.
I want to be good at art,i want fans,i want recognition,i want to be admire,And choose art to do it,but you got everytime i wanted And your not the hapiest man in the world,And i see that,your feel jealousy like i do,And with more fans,i agreed that having a "different" artstyle from the norm is a suicide at being famous.
Honestly,i'm guilty of being a bad fan,i really didnt Saw as more that another porndrawer And i feel kinda sorry for not being i hardfan.
Maybe because your not Unique,example:
-Shad(Edgy as fuck)
-Diives(Unique cute artstyle And animation)
-Sssonic(thiccnes 1000%)
-Merunyaa(....idk.....she use to draw diaper porn)
When you ser gherph,you don't go "oh is that twistedgrim?",or see Speedo And go "oh yeah i love Herny",i think your art aint Unique enogth to have hardcore fans,i don't demanding you to changes i'm just laying my opinión.
And,yeah try animation don't just get stuck drawing the same thing try new thing experiment,grow,you didnt stop learning.
Thats that,have a good day.

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saying that you improved is like saying that the sky is blue,but we all like sky blue,also just asking how old were you in 2012?

kinda weird puttin a m rating,since shes just wearing a bikini
but cute drawing

wheatfinn-art responds:

yeeeah, that unfortunately is out of my control. i had to label it with "some nudity" since it technically contains partial nudity, and that's just the rating it got. oh well. i'm glad you like it though!!

everyone had a goth fase

Self-loathing loser that likes they migth be Giants And jojo.
Rate if you hate :)


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